About Us

Let’s have a brief introduction to Sterling Summit Investment and who we really are. We were founded by a young entrepreneur who was tired of big corporations making it difficult for the average person to make an additional income online. From day one the sole goal of the business was to save you time and money by making it a one-stop-shop for people to make money.

We have merged a few companies together to make it easier to learn from one source multiple methods of increasing personal wealth and to create a new consistent, legal and fun way of making money from the comfort of your own home. So we have created various ways for you to create a new substantial income consistently from the comfort of your own home.
No other Investment Service Provider in the market can beat the highly trained and professional team here at Sterling Summit Investment, you may ask why not?

This is because when it comes to monitoring trading outcomes, analyzing market trends and conditions along with taking all the fundamentals into play, we are not only good at it, we excel at it.
We are very good at providing our customers with simple, Clear, and Easy to use signals with a clear Stop Loss and Take Profit and many of our customers are able to compound their accounts every day by closing their trades early with profit. I have seen people daily multiply their account very quickly with this method.

Not only do we provide quality Forex trades to shadow but we assist all our customers in the crucial affairs of trading. We guide all our customers how they can expand their own personal wealth.
All our customers who deposit £300 into our AvaTrade Partner using our Partner Code 135972.
‘ Will Receive 6 Months Free Forex Signals.
‘ Will have access to 3 to 9 premium trades a day with clear instructions throughout the day.
‘ You Will get a set tutorial video on how to place trades. As Well as being added to a FAQ which will answer any questions which may arise in the future.
‘ When your account Qualifies *Placing a total of 5.00 Lots. Often taking around 15 days of consistent trading. You will get your name put into the Annual Draw of £1,000 held every Christmas Eve.

Please Note
All your funds are secure with AvaTrade who is FCA compliant and its own entity. I am merely a service provider with the sole goal of recommending people to the most appropriate sources. With the Main goal of growing your personal wealth, with the help of FCA and Gambling Partners, Who are all fully compliant with the Law and Regulations.