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     With every trade this can vary but we recommend risking 1-4% per trade in order to be successful. This in turn means you’re managing your risk. At first it can be daunting but we are here to ensure you have a pleasant trading experience.

    Your funds are deposited into your own personal trading account with our regulated broker. We have no access to your account or your funds and we will never ask to handle them. This means you can withdraw your capital and profits as and when you like!

    All you need to do is simply open and fund your own trading account with our partnered broker. We recommend starting with £800 to £1,300 so that we can get the best possible start. However the minimum capital size is £500, If you would like to fund more than £1,000 you can do so at your own discretion. We have taken investors who have started with up to £160,000.

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    Yes we currently own a 50% stake in which is worldwide the fastest growing app for Property investment by showing properties in an investment friendly format!

    Yes we are always on the lookout for more Business opportunities that is why we have already funded more than 1,000,000+ worth of investments and we continue to help connect both investors with upcoming ventures.

    Yes we are currently looking for funding to help fund more than 5 education Applications platforms as well as more than 3 Gaming Applications. It will need investment in the range of £15,000 per application and is expected to earn an annual return of £3,500 for the first 5 Years, then a base of 30% of all revenue generated.